Art, photography and software in one place…

Art, photography and software in one place…

The Idea

So, I’ve recently been getting into more artsy stuffs and I want somewhere to show what I’m working on/making without it being taken down by shitty left-leaning companies because my artwork does not show what they want or where they want to take the company.

How Will I Do This?

Every time I have some new art I want to show, I’ll make a post and let you look at my work.

Future Projects/What I’m Currently Working On

At this moment in time, I’m currently working on my website by making it more personal to me and adding content from my old personal website, this will hopefully be done by October. After the website is done, I shall be working on the new version of Hub (11.0) which will be re-written as more of a content window for my stuff by using the Gecko browsing engine and will have all new content and different things to do. I’m going to continue working on Hub ESR (10.0) and Vivian ESR until I feel the need to stop working on them since they need completing sooner or later. Tweeter (2.0) is still in the works and I’m trying to make it perfect for release so there’s no bugs on launch. I will also be working on uploading all of the photos I took when on holiday in Tenerife since I have quite a few which are very nice indeed.

That’s all for this post, thank you very much for reading and I’ll see you in the next one.

Fighting is Magic: Aurora On Hold

Fighting is Magic: Aurora On Hold

What’s going on?

I am putting Fighting is Magic: Aurora on hold until further notice to work on other projects (Vivian ESR, Hub, Tweeter and YouTube) and real life stuff which I won’t go into great detail about since privacy and all that, I can however tell you that it’s to do with cars and you get the idea.


I don’t feel like I can put enough time into the project without burning myself out. If I burn myself out, nothing gets finished and it causes a delay regardless. (Good job me.)

Is Fighting is Magic: Aurora dead?

No. It’s just on hold. No project files have been deleted and the web site page is still up.

Is this just major versions and patches or just major versions?

I only want to hold major versions, patches are a good thing to have on hand just in case people find bugs and stuff, bugs are quite easy to fix if you know how to use the software which creates the game.

Vivian ESR

Vivian ESR

I’ve released a new version of Vivian ESR, changes and download are below:

1. Moved all ‘Web Studio’ settings to the ‘Settings Panel’.
2. Added new ‘Favourite’ dialogue.
3. Added ability to favourite a page from a link.
4. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download it here.

Hub ESR & Vivian ESR

Hub ESR & Vivian ESR

What is happening?

On the 6th August 2018, we will be discontinuing development of all major versions of WindowsLogic Productions Hub and WindowsLogic Productions Vivian. Since WindowsLogic Productions Hub is still in development for version 10, we will continue the development of that version but will be discontinuing major version development for that application later on.

How will this affect me?

This should not affect you at all. Everything will be how it is right now.

Will I still be able to download these applications after the 6th August 2018?

Yes. We will always provide a download to these applications until they are fully discontinued.

What type of updates will not be discontinued for these applications?

Major versions will be discontinued, but smaller updates that fix bugs and optimise these applications will still be released.

Is this like Firefox ESR?

Yes, exactly like that. These applications will get an extended service release of sorts.

Thank You

Finally, we want to say THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to either application, helped fix bugs and add new features.

Some of these people are;

And many more throughout the last four years…

Here’s to Hub ESR (in the future) and to Vivian ESR!

Fighting is Magic: Aurora &

Fighting is Magic: Aurora &

This is an improvement over the last public beta release The changes in these updates are as follows;



1. Redesigned main launcher window.
2. Redesigned settings window.
3. Added ability to set game settings.
4. Added ability to set game window settings.
5. Added ability to reset game settings.
6. Internal browser now runs on the Gecko engine.

1. Tweaked Twilight Sparkle’s CPU commands.
2. Removed light and medium launchers from all characters.
3. Rainbow Dash’s “Rainbow Barrage” is now a level 2 super.
4. Added new command lists which look better and easier to read than the old ones.
5. Adjusted hit box on Applejack’s Lasso-rama 3.
6. All characters can now be played in Story mode.
7. Made new graphics and animations for “You Win” and “You Lose”.
8. Removed “Unbreakable Elbow” and “Country Focus” commands from Applejack.
9. Redesigned main menu.
10. Added transition between the title screen and main menu.


1. Fixed a bug that would not save game settings from the launcher.
2. Fixed a bug where the ‘Feedback’ window would show a .NET error.

1. Fixed a bug on Rarity where her player 1 cursor would disappear when selected.
2. Fixed placement of Rarity’s victory animation.
3. Updated Mane6 logo to modern style at start-up.

You can download this update here.

60 FPS Content & Symphony 2.0

60 FPS Content & Symphony 2.0

Symphony 2.0

Symphony has been my network infrastructure since mid-2017 with the soul aim to get the maximum amount of data to and from computers on the network. When I first built Symphony with NETGEAR FS526T Ethernet switch boxes which had 24 ports of 100 Mbps connectors and only two gigabit connectors which meant only one computer could connect to gigabit. This was a big problem when transferring data from Atom to Behemoth or even data from Ultra to Atom. Symphony 2.0 is now better and more compact. What do we mean by compact? We mean the switch boxes are smaller but there are enough ports (8 ports) for all of the computers and servers on the network. The 8-port gigabit switch boxes we chose were the NETGEAR GS108 which are fan-less and cool running. This also means I don’t have to cope with a racket coming from the old switch boxes which did have fans. The main point is that I now get gigabit to all of our computers on the network and have the maximum speed to the Internet.

60 FPS Content

For a long time I’ve been stuck with 30 FPS content since my computer wasn’t powerful enough for rendering that level of frames. Now that I’ve updated the network to gigabit and my computers are a lot better than when I first started, I will be producing all new content in 60 FPS from now on. The main benefit of 60 FPS is smooth, buttery video which is very pleasing to your face eyes.

That’s all for this update, thanks for reading.

Hub 10 Beta 1

Hub 10 Beta 1

It feels like forever since I last released anything to do with Hub so here it is, the newest version:

1. Updated ‘CD Player’ with bug fixes and new design.
2. Added a right click menu on the desktop.
3. Changed the sound when changing the volume of your system on ‘Volume Control’.
4. Added a sound when clicking on the darkened background that appears when showing the
‘Log Off’, ‘System Power’ and ‘Quick Exit’ dialogues.
5. When opening ‘WLP Hub Security’, the entire desktop hides itself to only show the background.
6. Fixed a bug where opening windowed search still enables the search buttons for the built-in
7. Fixed a bug on ‘File Explorer’ where all drive letters would be shown instead of connected ones
8. Fixed a bug on ‘File Explorer’ where the current directory would show “/” instead of “\”.
9. ‘Weather’ now uses BBC Weather.
10. Reverted icons back to the Windows 7 style since they look nicer.
11. Redesigned the ‘Welcome’ dialogue.
13. Updated assets to fit the new WindowsLogic Productions style.
14. Fixed a bug on ‘File Explorer’ in which the file view would not resize with the window.
15. Made a few changes to the Out Of Box Experience.

(P.S: This is a beta so don’t expect everything to be amazing straight away.)

Download it here.

The EU Are Killing The Internet

The EU Are Killing The Internet

I guess this is a nice segway from the last post which was about the Internet being open for everyone to curate, the EU are planning to abolish that so that’s fun…

On the 30th May, we got warned that the EU have plans to put in place a law on the 20th June which abolishes all fair use laws and will make it illegal to upload anything to websites or services which have copyrighted material in it. For example; Pictures with brands in them, memes, fair use content, parody and edits. Even if you credit the original author, it will still be copyright infringement according to this new EU law as linking to different services is now illegal as well. *claps*

Furthermore, there will be a heavy censoring field on all websites that let you upload and if that website doesn’t abide to these new EU laws, the website will have to make users pay for uploading content and monitor everything you upload which is just outrageous.

Here’s a run down of what happens if this EU law is passed; “The European Commission and the Council want to destroy the Internet as we know it and allow big companies to control what we see and do online. Should Article 13 of the Copyright Directive proposal be adopted, it will impose widespread censorship of all the content you share online.” – is the website which that paragraph and pictures are lifted from and is also where you should go to “Save Your Internet”. Write to your local MEP if you live in the UK, or any country in Europe to help save the Internet as we know it and don’t let your memes be dreams.

Hopefully this stupid article doesn’t get passed because if it does, kiss good bye to the Internet.

Thanks for reading.

Open Internet (RANT)

Open Internet (RANT)

Believe it or not, the Internet is meant to be open so that anyone can create their own web space and create their own things. Centralisation was made popular by Google originally and it was never what Tim Burners Lee wanted. Internet decentralisation is something which he is working towards as well which is great. The whole thing that seems to be the craze now is stealing people’s dynamic IP addresses and either DDoSing, DoSing or just jacking them off in an IRC chat or Discord server. For example, this site is not protected by CloudFlare as for some reason it really messes up the CSS and WordPress, I wanted my own blog however so I could ramble on my own platform and not be tied down to stupid centralised platforms such as the real WordPress site or Tumblr or even BlogSpot. Just because this site shows the dynamic IP address, doesn’t mean you have the right to post it anywhere or perform illegal take down acts. The Internet is open and allows people to do anything they want which is in the law. If you do perform illegal take downs on this address, I can always change it, that’s the point of a dynamic IP address.

The only reason CloudFlare exists is because this generation can’t seem to grasp the concept of morality and reason so they would rather commit illegal acts with people’s Internet protocol addresses. I’m so glad I was born in this era of AIDS.

Rant over.