60 FPS Content & Symphony 2.0

60 FPS Content & Symphony 2.0

Symphony 2.0

Symphony has been my network infrastructure since mid-2017 with the soul aim to get the maximum amount of data to and from computers on the network. When I first built Symphony with NETGEAR FS526T Ethernet switch boxes which had 24 ports of 100 Mbps connectors and only two gigabit connectors which meant only one computer could connect to gigabit. This was a big problem when transferring data from Atom to Behemoth or even data from Ultra to Atom. Symphony 2.0 is now better and more compact. What do we mean by compact? We mean the switch boxes are smaller but there are enough ports (8 ports) for all of the computers and servers on the network. The 8-port gigabit switch boxes we chose were the NETGEAR GS108 which are fan-less and cool running. This also means I don’t have to cope with a racket coming from the old switch boxes which did have fans. The main point is that I now get gigabit to all of our computers on the network and have the maximum speed to the Internet.

60 FPS Content

For a long time I’ve been stuck with 30 FPS content since my computer wasn’t powerful enough for rendering that level of frames. Now that I’ve updated the network to gigabit and my computers are a lot better than when I first started, I will be producing all new content in 60 FPS from now on. The main benefit of 60 FPS is smooth, buttery video which is very pleasing to your face eyes.

That’s all for this update, thanks for reading.

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