Art, photography and software in one place…

Art, photography and software in one place…

The Idea

So, I’ve recently been getting into more artsy stuffs and I want somewhere to show what I’m working on/making without it being taken down by shitty left-leaning companies because my artwork does not show what they want or where they want to take the company.

How Will I Do This?

Every time I have some new art I want to show, I’ll make a post and let you look at my work.

Future Projects/What I’m Currently Working On

At this moment in time, I’m currently working on my website by making it more personal to me and adding content from my old personal website, this will hopefully be done by October. After the website is done, I shall be working on the new version of Hub (11.0) which will be re-written as more of a content window for my stuff by using the Gecko browsing engine and will have all new content and different things to do. I’m going to continue working on Hub ESR (10.0) and Vivian ESR until I feel the need to stop working on them since they need completing sooner or later. Tweeter (2.0) is still in the works and I’m trying to make it perfect for release so there’s no bugs on launch. I will also be working on uploading all of the photos I took when on holiday in Tenerife since I have quite a few which are very nice indeed.

That’s all for this post, thank you very much for reading and I’ll see you in the next one.

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