Fighting is Magic: Aurora

Fighting is Magic: Aurora

This is an improvement over the last public beta release The changes in these updates are as follows;


1. Updated ‘Send Feedback’ to link to the new Microsoft Form.
2. Redesigned ‘Settings Panel’.
3. Added bug testers to ‘About’ dialogue.

1. Fixed a bug where Pinkie Pie’s BRB+C would not work.
2. Added complete Rainbow Dash and tweaked her for Aurora.
3. Added complete Fluttershy and tweaked her for Aurora.
4. Redesigned the character select.
5. Fixed a bug on Applejack where beating Rainbow Dash would crash the game.
6. Fixed a bug where Pinkie Pie’s level text wasn’t aligned properly.
7. Updated Rainbow Dash’s command list.
8. Fixed Pinkie Pie’s “story” mode.

Download it here.

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