Fighting is Magic: Aurora

Fighting is Magic: Aurora

Welcome to the release of Fighting is Magic: Aurora! The changes in these updates are an improvement over and are as follows;

1. Code optimisation for version downloader.
2. Hovering over the system tray icon now shows download percentage.
3. Added ability to download older versions of Aurora.
4. Fixed a bug where trying to save game settings would cause an exception.
5. Fixed a bug where uninstalling Ekame Madare 2.0 wasn’t possible.
6. Code optimisation for uninstalling add-ons.
7. Downloading builds is now faster.
8. Code optimisation for playing builds.
9. Added ability to set game to Windows 7 Mode to run in full screen on older
versions of Windows.

1. Fixed Big Mac’s CPU.
2. Added Twilight’s Act 2 story.
3. Added new pushblocking sound and effect.
4. Added fade out to Applejack’s act 2 part 1 story.
5. Fixed a bug which caused Applejack’s act 10 to not appear.
6. Added more voice lines for Trixie.
7. Added more voice lines for Derpy.
8. Fixed a bug where spamming Trixie’s rockets would cause a softlock.
9. Fixed a bug where Derpy’s loss voice lines wouldn’t work.

Update via the launcher, if you don’t have the game, download it here.

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