Fighting is Magic: Aurora

Fighting is Magic: Aurora

Welcome to the release of Fighting is Magic: Aurora! The changes in these updates are an improvement over and are as follows;

1. Fixed a bug which prevented playing or uninstalling add-ons after first launch.
2. Fixed a bug which caused Aurora versions to report being installed without
being installed.
3. Added ability to download and install iwanabrawl.
4. Added ability to download and install Rebuild 8.1.
5. Added ability to download and install Chocolate.
6. Added ability to download and install Rebuild 7.
7. Added Everfree Temple to ‘Settings Panel > Game’.
8. Fixed a bug where selecting Discord’s Ponyville in ‘Settings Panel > Game’
would cause Apple Orchard to be picked instead.

1. Added Rarity’s Act 2 story.
2. Derpy’s magic meter now charges slower.
3. Fixed “Toasty” placement.
4. Fixed a bug where “???”‘s lasso would get stuck.
5. Updated Fluttershy’s Cottage stage.
6. Added Everfree Temple stage for Mid-boss.
7. Increased quality of Canterlot Night stage.
8. Changed Derpy’s Theme to 150 BPM from 160 BPM.
9. Cleaned up Training Stage and Training Dialogue theme.
10. Cleaned up Trixie’s Theme.
11. Added “Options” title to options menu.
12. Optimisations to code and sound.

Update via the launcher, if you don’t have the game, download it here.

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