Hub ESR & Vivian ESR End of Support

Hub ESR & Vivian ESR End of Support

Hub ESR Discontinued

I recently discontinued development of Hub ESR, this was because the project didn’t make much sense when Windows 10 isn’t as flawed as Windows 8.1 was when I first made it in 2014. Windows 8.1 didn’t have a Start menu or very intuitive ways to access your applications so Hub was made as a front-end for Windows to make it easier to access your applications and use Windows in a small sub-environment.

What comes after Hub ESR? Will there be another front-end?

I am working on a new project which will be called Hub 11, this will make Hub into a “Hub” for everything WindowsLogic and will be based on Gecko. There will be no further development of a front-end. Front-ends are so 2015, ya know?

Vivian ESR Discontinuation Date

Vivian ESR will be discontinued on the 14th July 2019. This means that there will be no new updates for installed copies of Vivian, all support will be ceased and the ability to download will be taken down from my website. Copies of Vivian ESR which have been installed before the end of support date will continue to operate but will contain a message that reads, “This application has reached end of support. There will be no more updates, bug fixes or optimisations made to this application and it is recommended that you find an alternative.” I recommend that you grab a copy of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to continue browsing if you used Vivian ESR as your main browser.

Will source code be available after discontinuation?

Short answer, no. I will not be releasing source code for Vivian ESR since it still contains many technologies which are still in use on my other applications. Making these technologies open source could stop future development of my other applications entirely.

Why are you discontinuing Vivian ESR?

I feel that there’s not really any point continuing to develop it since the Internet browser market is saturated. Other Internet browsers are much better than Vivian ESR and people would rather use what other companies offer and don’t want to use something made by a, “lonely programmer”.

I hope this cleared any concerns you may have had about the future of my ESR applications.

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