Open Internet (RANT)

Open Internet (RANT)

Believe it or not, the Internet is meant to be open so that anyone can create their own web space and create their own things. Centralisation was made popular by Google originally and it was never what Tim Burners Lee wanted. Internet decentralisation is something which he is working towards as well which is great. The whole thing that seems to be the craze now is stealing people’s dynamic IP addresses and either DoSing or just jacking them off in an IRC chat or Discord server. For example, this site is not protected by CloudFlare as for some reason it really messes up the CSS and WordPress, I wanted my own blog however so I could ramble on my own platform and not be tied down to stupid centralised platforms such as the real WordPress site or Tumblr or even BlogSpot. Just because this site shows the dynamic IP address, doesn’t mean you have the right to post it anywhere or perform illegal take down acts. The Internet is open and allows people to do anything they want which is in the law. If you do perform illegal take downs on this address, I can always change it, that’s the point of a dynamic IP address.

The only reason CloudFlare exists is because this generation can’t seem to grasp the concept of morality and reason so they would rather commit illegal acts with people’s Internet protocol addresses. I’m so glad I was born in this era of AIDS.

Rant over.

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