Summer 2018 Plans

Summer 2018 Plans

I’ve got some plans for my stuff over the summer and I’d love to share them with all of my readers. As many of you know, this year has been quite a bumpy year already with various hacking attempts on my servers and people trying to take my services down (most people who use our services on a regular basis didn’t like that as you would imagine). We did plan to keep the Fighting is Magic: Aurora April Fools build available until the 8th April but that’s when the hacking started so we had to sort that out instead, sorry for all of the people who wanted to try the build out but didn’t get a chance to. Anyway, onto the plans;

  1. I plan to release new updates and features for Fighting is Magic: Aurora, Hub and Vivian.
  2. I’m going to rework my servers to make our services even more accessible for people on slower Internet connections, this includes Remote Desktop Connections sessions on my Community VM.
  3. We’re going to make a new sub-domain for my service statuses so you can get an overview of what’s up, what’s being maintained and what’s down. This site will also serve as a place for quick updates on what the situation is with services or server issues.
  4. I’m going to be updating my Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Software Agreement to make it more appealing to read while also giving you the information you need to know.
  5. I’m going to be making an actual website page for Fighting is Magic: Aurora as people are confused on where to go to download the game, that’s understandable and I see your concern. I’ll be working on this page and hope to get it up soon.

So, those are the plans for summer 2018, are you excited? I am excited to provide you with better services every single day and these plans are going to be amazing moving forward as they provide more clarity over everything we do and what we want for our users.

Thank you for reading this news and we hope to start providing you better services, starting late May 2018.

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