Vivian ESR

Vivian ESR

I’ve released a new version of Vivian, changes and download are below:

1. Fixed a bug where the back button on the ‘Web Studio’ Settings Panel would not work.
2. Updated the malicious website blocker.
3. Updated malicious website blocker dialogue to match the style of the application.
4. Added error sound to error dialogues.
5. Changed default search engine to DuckDuckGo.
6. The status bar is now smaller allowing for more of your content to be displayed.
7. Fixed a bug where DuckDuckGo wouldn’t search.
8. Fixed a bug which would not allow the user to change the home page.
9. Fixed a bug where Quick Start would not resize when resizing or maximising the window.
10. Fixed a bug where the minimum size of the main window was not set correctly
11. Fixed a bug where the save dialogue for Web Studio wouldn’t show up.
12. Fixed a bug where fonts and colours would not work when editing CSS.
13. Saving from the Unsaved Changes dialogue now shows the correct options.
14. Fixed a bug which prevented menu options from working when editing CSS on Web Studio.
15. Fixed a bug where typing special characters into the address bar would crash the application.
16. Removed messages that appear when changing font or colour on Web Studio.

Download it here.

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