Month: July 2023

Fighting is Magic: Aurora

Fighting is Magic: Aurora

Welcome to the release of Fighting is Magic: Aurora! The changes in these updates are an improvement over and are as follows;


1. Redesigned build information dialogue.

2. Updated how the launcher detects if builds are installed.

3. Added ‘About’ sections for iwanabrawl, Rebuild 8.1, Chocolate, Rebuild 7, Sweetie Bot Edition, FiM+, White Chocolate, Pandora Beta, Fire Chocolate, Luna Fest and Nightmare Night.

4. Fixed a bug where FiM+ was not able to be installed.

5. Fixed an issue with White Chocolate where the title screen and menu were not able to be loaded.


1. Added sprites for Vinyl’s Crouch Medium.

2. Added sprites for Vinyl’s Crouch Light.

3. Added sprites and improved Vinyl’s Crouch Heavy.

4. Added sprites for Vinyl’s Stand Light.

5. Added sprites for Vinyl’s Draw.

6. Added sprites for Vinyl’s Turning.

7. Added sprites for Vinyl’s Air Light.

8. Added Vinyl’s medium hitsparks.

9. Added Vinyl’s Vacuumed Ground Light sprites.

10. Added Vinyl’s Vacuumed Ground Medium sprites.

11. Added Vinyl’s Vacuumed Ground Heavy sprites.

12. Added Vinyl’s Weak Hit sprites.

13. Added Vinyl’s Medium Hit sprites.

14. Added Vinyl’s Heavy Hit sprites.

15. Added Vinyl’s Crouch Hit Light sprites.

16. Added Vinyl’s Crouch Hit Medium sprites.

17. Added Vinyl’s Crouch Hit Heavy sprites.

18. Fixed a bug where Vinyl’s combos would not reset on player 2’s side.

19. Added Vinyl’s sprites for Hit Sky Light, Medium & Heavy.

20. Added Vinyl’s sprites for Vacuumed Air Light, Medium & Heavy.

21. Added Vinyl’s sprites for Vacuumed Block Light, Medium & Heavy.

22. Added Vinyl’s sprites for Guard Light, Medium & Heavy.

23. Added Vinylite Slide to Vinyl.

24. Added Feel The Bass to Vinyl.

25. Fixed a bug where Vinyl had 10 magic stocks instead of 6.

26. Fixed Vinyl’s CPU.

27. Updated Vinyl’s stage.

28. Added Vinyl’s forward walk cycle.

29. Added Vinyl’s backward walk cycle.

30. Added new music for Discord’s Ponyville, Friendship Express and Canterlot Night.

31. Fixed Vinyl’s hitsparks.

32. Fixed sprites on Vinyl’s Level 2 super.

33. Added Vinyl’s palette preview.

34. Added additional information to credits.

35. Fixed song randomiser on credits.

36. Skipping story is no longer possible.

Update via the launcher, if you don’t have the game, download it here.