Month: August 2018

Fighting is Magic: Aurora On Hold

Fighting is Magic: Aurora On Hold

What’s going on?

I am putting Fighting is Magic: Aurora on hold until further notice to work on other projects (Vivian ESR, Hub, Tweeter and YouTube) and real life stuff which I won’t go into great detail about since privacy and all that, I can however tell you that it’s to do with cars and you get the idea.


I don’t feel like I can put enough time into the project without burning myself out. If I burn myself out, nothing gets finished and it causes a delay regardless. (Good job me.)

Is Fighting is Magic: Aurora dead?

No. It’s just on hold. No project files have been deleted and the web site page is still up.

Is this just major versions and patches or just major versions?

I only want to hold major versions, patches are a good thing to have on hand just in case people find bugs and stuff, bugs are quite easy to fix if you know how to use the software which creates the game.



I’ve released a new version of Vivian, changes and download are below:

1. Moved all ‘Web Studio’ settings to the ‘Settings Panel’.
2. Added new ‘Favourite’ dialogue.
3. Added ability to favourite a page from a link.
4. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download it here.