Month: June 2024

Town Girls

Town Girls

Welcome to the alpha of Town Girls! The changes in these updates are an improvement over and are as follows;

1. Fixed text rendering on Windows 7 systems.
2. Added ability to change launcher settings.
3. Added ability to install older Town Girls versions.

1. Added Crystal’s date 1.
2. Added Christine’s date 1.
3. Added finalised clock to the hub.
4. Redesigned stats page and added new user-configurable stats.
5. Corrected some loading screen information.
6. Added ability to choose if protagonist is a virgin or not.
7. Characters now have voices when they speak.
8. Fixed a bug where the Red Fox’s dating stats would show up as Tabby Cat.
9. Added information on whether you’re a virgin to the stats screen.
10. Game is now in Beta.

Update via the launcher, if you don’t have the game, download it here.