Fighting is Magic: Aurora

Fighting is Magic: Aurora

This is an improvement over the last public beta release The changes in these updates are as follows;


1. Fixed a bug that would disable the ‘Disable automatic Updates’ button.
2. Added “0” to ‘Round Timer’ drop down.
3. Fixed a bug where drop down boxes would not reset when pressing ‘Reset Settings’.
4. Changed position of ‘Send Feedback’ link.
5. Added new “FiM: Aurora” logo.
6. Launcher music is now muted by default.
7. Removed “Canterlot Night” from ‘Stage’ drop down.
8. Added debugging options.
9. Fixed a bug which prevented the fullscreen mode settings from working.
10. Updated icons.

1. Added new “Time Up” animation.
2. Updated title screen with new logo.
3. Updated main menu with new logo.
4. Adjusted Rainbow Dash’s Standing Light hitbox to be more precise.
5. Adjusted Rainbow Dash’s Standing Mid hitbox to be more precise.
6. Adjusted Rainbow Dash’s Standing Heavy hitbox to be more precise.
7. Adjusted Rainbow Dash’s Crouching Mid hitbox to be more precise.
8. Removed Canterlot Night until DLC is released.
9. Remastered title screen music.
10. Remastered main menu music.
11. Remastered character select music.
12. Updated training stage music with better quality.
13. Updated Carousel Boutique music with better quality.
14. Updated Sweet Apple Acres music with better quality.
15. Remastered Golden Oak Library theme.
16. Remastered Cloudsdale theme.
17. Remastered Fluttershy’s Cottage theme.
18. Remastered Sugarcube Corner theme.
19. Fixed timing for all animations so none of them almost get cut off.
20. Optimised character files so they take up less space.
21. Redesigned combo flavours.
22. Redesigned level bars.
23. Fixed Pinkie Pie’s “Story” mode.
24. Redesigned top HUD element.
25. Tweaked the colours of Rainbow Dash’s magic meter.
26. Fixed Pinkie Pie’s “BRB C”.
27. Fixed Pinkie Pie’s character select animation.
28. Fixed a security issue in “Aurora.exe” which let attackers inject malicious code.

You can download this update here.

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