Fighting is Magic: Aurora

Fighting is Magic: Aurora

This is an improvement over the last public beta release The changes in these updates are as follows;

1. Fixed a bug where the window size option, ‘1280 x 960’ did nothing.
2. Changed language drop down menu to say, “English (UK/US)” instead of, “British English (UK)”.
3. Added specific controller options for Nintendo Switch and XBOX 360 controllers.
4. Added ‘1366 x 768’ and ‘1440 x 900’ window size options.

1. Fixed a bug where going into mode select and then back into versus would cause the mode
select cursor to show up in versus.
2. Grab commands for all characters have been changed to 6E.
3. Rarity 236A/B/C now knocks down an opponent.
4. Rainbow Dash’s 2D now performs a knock down.
5. Fixed a bug where the options menu wouldn’t load.

Update via the launcher, if you don’t have the game, download it here.

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