Vivian ESR

Vivian ESR

I’ve released a new version of Vivian ESR, changes and download are below:

1. Fixed a bug which caused an exception when searching on a blank page.
2. Fixed a bug which would allow HTML tags to be used in the CSS editor on ‘Web Studio’.
3. Added unsaved changes dialogue when choosing ‘New’ or ‘Open’ from the ‘File’ menu on
‘Web Studio’.
4. Icon on ‘Site information’ now changes depending on what type of site you’re on.
5. Fixed a bug which would show the old icons for ‘Site Information’ for a few seconds while
loading a page.
6. Fixed a bug where trying to save would sometimes not work in ‘Web Studio’.
7. Fixed a bug where ‘Web Studio’ settings would not reset.
8. Updated help documentation.
9. Other various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download it here.

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