Vivian ESR

Vivian ESR

I’ve released a new version of Vivian ESR, changes and download are below:

1. Fixed a bug in ‘Web Studio’ where inserting HTML would only work on first line.
2. Fixed some inconsistencies in the user interface.
3. Fixed a bug where dialogues would not display properly.
4. Fixed a bug while in ‘Quick Start’ where it would not close when opening a page from ‘Pins’ or ‘History’ in ‘Settings Panel’.
5. Fixed a bug where the ‘View Certificate’ button would completely disable, even when opening
the dialogue on a secure/unsecure website.
6. Added new icon on the ‘Donate’ button on ‘Quick Start’.
7. Added ability to zoom in, out and reset zoom.
8. Added ability to delete cookies, temporary internet files and all saved data.
9. Fixed a bug where the browser wasn’t respecting HTTP or HTTPS values. Sites were still
connecting securely, but you weren’t being shown and that was a problem.
10. ‘Automatic Updates’ now connects through HTTPS (even though it did server-side regardless).
11. Changed icon for ‘Web Studio’.
12. Help is now online only.
13. Updated malicious content blocker.

Download it here.

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