Month: June 2018

The EU Are Killing The Internet

The EU Are Killing The Internet

I guess this is a nice segway from the last post which was about the Internet being open for everyone to curate, the EU are planning to abolish that so that’s fun…

On the 30th May, we got warned that the EU have plans to put in place a law on the 20th June which abolishes all fair use laws and will make it illegal to upload anything to websites or services which have copyrighted material in it. For example; Pictures with brands in them, memes, fair use content, parody and edits. Even if you credit the original author, it will still be copyright infringement according to this new EU law as linking to different services is now illegal as well. *claps*

Furthermore, there will be a heavy censoring field on all websites that let you upload and if that website doesn’t abide to these new EU laws, the website will have to make users pay for uploading content and monitor everything you upload which is just outrageous.

Here’s a run down of what happens if this EU law is passed; “The European Commission and the Council want to destroy the Internet as we know it and allow big companies to control what we see and do online. Should Article 13 of the Copyright Directive proposal be adopted, it will impose widespread censorship of all the content you share online.” – is the website which that paragraph and pictures are lifted from and is also where you should go to “Save Your Internet”. Write to your local MEP if you live in the UK, or any country in Europe to help save the Internet as we know it and don’t let your memes be dreams.

Hopefully this stupid article doesn’t get passed because if it does, kiss good bye to the Internet.

Thanks for reading.