Fighting is Magic: Aurora

Fighting is Magic: Aurora

Welcome to the release of Fighting is Magic: Aurora! The changes in these updates are an improvement over and are as follows;

1. Modified Telepone maximum stages to 23.
2. Added “Summer Evening” to stage drop-down in Settings Panel > Game.
3. Temporarily disabled “View Tutorial” button in Settings Panel > Game.
4. Removed buttons for Netplay settings in Settings Panel.
5. Fixed a bug where some build information pages had blank space at the top.

1. Added Octavia’s Launcher.
2. Added Octavia’s backwards walk cycle.
3. Adjusted Octavia’s collision frames to be more precise.
4. Fixed a bug where Fluttershy could not attack on Octavia’s arcade mode.
5. Fixed a bug where “???” did not show HP on Octavia’s arcade mode.
6. Added new loading silhouettes.
7. Fixed a bug where Pinkie Pie would disappear when performing BRB + C with
Pinkie Pie as an opponent.
8. Updated title screen with new character silouettes.
9. Added temporary GI tip to main menu.

Update via the launcher, if you don’t have the game, download it here.

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