Month: May 2019

Fighting is Magic: Aurora For Windows XP & macOS

Fighting is Magic: Aurora For Windows XP & macOS

And… I’m Back!

It’s been a while since I made any news updates for anything, but this one is to do with Fighting is Magic: Aurora 1.0 support when it’s released since I want a wider audience to be able to play the game on their systems.

What’s The Plan?

The plan is quite simple, it involves ways to get Fighting is Magic: Aurora working on Windows XP (all service packs) and macOS through various means of either emulation or fudging.

How Will This Work On Windows XP?

For Windows XP, this is pretty simple. I shall be making a bare-bones version of the Fighting is Magic: Aurora launcher which will handle updates in a similar way to the launcher for Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and above. The Windows XP launcher will include all the functions of the main launcher except the ability to send feedback and get developer updates (when the game is released). I shall be making a YouTube video showing off this Windows XP-designed launcher and showing the differences between the regular launcher and this bare-bones one.

How Will This Work On macOS?

Wine. Wine is a tool used for running Windows applications on macOS or Linux if you use the Linux version. Technically this version for macOS will work on Linux if you’re into that sort of thing. Downsides of the macOS compatible Fighting is Magic: Aurora are that it will not have a launcher or any way to update the game and will be just be the game in an executable file while you run with Wine. WineBottler will be included in the package and there will be a tutorial for it on my YouTube channel when this version is released.

Will Updates On These Operating Systems Be Slower?

Sadly, yes. Updates for these operating systems will be slower than the regular release as they will be worked on after the regular version has been released. Updates for Windows XP and macOS will be anywhere from a day to a week later than the regular updates.

Will DLC Be Available On These Operating Systems?

Yes, of course. I would never limit users based on their operating system of choice and all updates, regardless of which operating system you’re on will get DLC updates. People on macOS will have to download the updates manually but the DLC will be included in the manual download.

Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope this has cleared some things up about the direction I’m heading in with Fighting is Magic: Aurora.