Town Girls

Town Girls

Welcome to the alpha of Town Girls! The changes in these updates are an improvement over and are as follows;


1. Nothing changed.


1. Added ability to pee in Violet’s kettle.

2. Added new mechanic for bladder and balls/ovaries. Your bladder will fill up when you get home from dates or other interactions that require you to travel. If your bladder reaches full, you will wet yourself if you haven’t emptied it by any means necessary. Your balls/ovaries fill up with the more dates you succeed. You need to have half-full or full balls/ovaries to complete the third date. Your balls/ovaries will empty if you use objects as well.

3. Fixed a bug where revisiting Violet’s first date would cause her first date to happen again.

4. Fixed bug where click-able objects appear after transition animations.

5. Added close button to all date revisits.

6. Added drop shadow to character titles in the gallery.

7. Adjusted peeing in the sink and kettle on Violet’s third date to match new bladder system.

8. Fixed a bug where revisiting Violet’s third date would throw you into the actual third date.

9. Fixed text errors.

10. Added new icon.

11. Added Violet’s fifteenth starting image.

12. Added pee jar to hub area so you can empty your bladder.

Update via the launcher, if you don’t have the game, download it here.

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